First book is now available!

Flying Crane Press is pleased to announce the publication of its first book The Glover House of Nagasaki: An Illustrated History, now available in local bookstores and also online. Please refer to the publications page for details.

Built in 1863 and remaining as the oldest Western-style building in Japan, the former Glover House is currently included in a tentative list of World Heritage Sites entitled “Sites of Japan Meiji Industrial Revolution: Kyushu, Yamaguchi and Related Areas.” The present publication provides the first concise description in English of the turbulent history of the house and the life and times of the people who once lived there. It also takes an objective look at the postwar career of the building as a tourist attraction known widely by the nickname “Madame Butterfly House.”

The author, Brian Burke-Gaffney, was born in Winnipeg, Canada in 1950 and came to Japan in 1972. He is currently a professor of cultural history at the Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science and honorary director of Glover Garden. His publications include Starcrossed: A Biography of Madame Butterfly (EastBridge, 2004) and Nagasaki: The British Experience 1854-1945 (Global Oriental UK, 2009).

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