Booklet on the Dutch Cemetery at Goshinji

Flying Crane Press has received a request from the Embassy of the Netherlands in Tokyo to produce booklets in English and Japanese on the Dutch Cemetery at Goshinji, a temple of the Pure Land Sect located in the Inasa neighborhood on the side of Nagasaki Harbor opposite the downtown area.

Opened in 1654, the cemetery served as a burial place for the residents of the Dejima Dutch Factory (trading post) during the Edo Period and for foreigners in general for a few years after the opening of Japan’s doors in 1859. A total of 41 grave markers remain, dating from 1778 to the last burial in 1870. The gravestone of Hendrik Godfried Duurkoop, the Dejima chief factor who died en route to Nagasaki in 1778, is the oldest European gravestone in Japan. The cemetery has been maintained over the years by cooperation among the government of the Netherlands, Goshinji and the local community.

The booklet will be distributed free of charge to commemorate the opening of the new Dejima Main Gate Bridge, scheduled for November 2017.

More soon!

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